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Education of the Jack Russell Terrier


The Jack Russell Terrier, like all the other pedigrees, is a domestic carnivore. This veterinary and off-putting definition summarizes correctly the character of the dog : predator and human’s friend. This friendship, source of pleasure and happiness is innate, especially with Jack Russell Terriers, but it has to be “canalized” and “marked out”.


Without doubt it’s the first difficulty you will meet in your puppy education. You will transfer him to your home usually at the age of 2 or 3 months, after a trip often long and sometimes hard. It represents his first lonely experience far away from his mother and the kennels where he spent his childhood. He can be totally disoriented.

However, if he is well born, he will wag his tail in few minutes and will run to every shoe moving around the house. He will feel at home very fast and will wee on the beautiful Chinese carpet in the living room... For many new owners, this first experience (and the next) can be off-putting and discouraging. For some other already experienced and who decided to get another dog, this experience is trite and included in the small disadvantages of the dog owner status.

What advices can we give in this area?

You have to teach your puppy to wee, and “do more” of course, outside the house.

For that, he needs conditioned reflex with fix hours, quite often at the beginning and then 2 or 3 times per day and in the evening. If his breeder had already conditioned him to relieve himself on sheets of newspaper, you must continue this excellent habit. After a meal, think to go out with the puppy because the abdominal filling (often important) creates an emergency need. If it’s possible, the environment has to be always the same (grass, gravels...).

And during the night, does he come in bed with you?

When he is already an adult and for some exceptional reasons, he can sometimes come to share your bedroom. Never for a puppy! He has to learn nocturnal loneliness in a room, always the same and preferably tiled. An excellent method is to shut him up in a Vari-kennel. Quickly, this small box will become his kennel where he will love to sleep during the day under cover of the familial environment. The Vari-kennel learning is easy. At the beginning, the puppy will cry... don’t give in to temptation! After few nights he will become wise.

Later, travelling, hunting or in the car, the Vari-kennel will help you. Your car stays clean and your Jack Russell Terrier will be very happy when he will see you putting the box in the car. You create a travelling and hunting conditioned reflex.

In a breeding or in the owner’s home with several dogs, the problem is different. The puppy can live with his mother during a longer time, even if his mother finished weaning him. Very fast, he can have the kennels habit where he doesn’t need to control his natural needs. It’s at this time that it’s necessary to start the conditioning with the sheets of newspaper. But this is not enough! To be socialised, the puppy has to come in the house with his owner. It’s crucial to learn the relational life with humans. A dog that stays in the kennels without real affective contact with humans can be psychologically impaired.


It can be progressive and slow during the dog’s growth. Like that, the training is done slowly and without any hitch. It would be silly to declare one day that you have to start a “training” because your dog disobeyed you the day before!

At home, quickly, by atavism, the dog needs to situate himself socially in the familial “pack” :

- In the kennels, things are clear, the dominant male or female teaches him the pack hierarchy, especially during meal times.

- In the familial place, the risk comes from the fact that everybody doesn’t speak the same language and that prohibitions are not the same for all.